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BeatrizLupiano La Plata , Argentina

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About me

I'm an educator and have been teaching English as a Foreign Language for about 15 years. My students ages have ranged from 2 to 60+, and their levels from beginner to advanced. My professional interests include how the brain works for learning, improving reading and writing skills and fostering autonomous, life-long learning


I lead a rather quiet life; I prepare lessons, spend time on the web doing various things (some professional and some social)


Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky,Chopin, Joss Stone,

Movies and TV:

Lost,The Good Wife, Law and Order,Medium,Memento, Nueve Reinas,Flawless, Fracture, Catch me if you can


Volleyball when I was at school, now dancing, stretching and working out at the gym


ballet, opera


I like learning; at the moment, origami and digital drawing. I also like reading but it's not happening much these days...


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